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A: The belt could be the culprit, but since you mentione your coolant level was low, it could have caused your water pump to cavitate becuase of air. Try getting your belts replaced first. If that doesn’t stop the squealing, have your water pump removed/inspected by a reputable mechanic and see if it needs replacing.

Q: Need a good website for Nissan altima parts?
I have a 97 altima and need to find a good website for interior parts, like dash kits, dash vents, and roof interior cover. If anyone knows please let me know.

A: If it doesn’t have to be new, check your local salvage (junk) yards. You can also look on ebay and get some aftermarked items. If its just replacement parts, someone in your area on craigslist maybe parting out the same vehicle.

Q: How to change a power window motor in a 95 Altima?
1995 Nissan Altima. Drivers front window is stuck down and will not move. How do I change the motor?

A: prepare phillips screwdriver and 10mm socket with wrench.
find all screws in the door panel and remove them. don’t be afraid to pull the door panel a little harder since there are clips . pull out the connector and unscrew the 10mm bolts.
also check for any loose connections or wires maybe the motor is good just some wires maybe loose or cut. should’t take you more than 1 hour to replace.

Q: I have a 2001 nissan altima and the key turns freely in the ignition but doesn’t start. HELP?
I have a 2001 nissan altima and the key turns freely in the ignition but doesn’t start. The power comes on but it won’t turn over its loose.

A: The ignition cylinder is broken and must be replaced. You may also need to replace the steering column as well.

Q: Why are the fuel economy different on the altima and the altima coupe?
For the 2007 2.5S with automatic transmission, the EPA fuel estimate is 26/34. However, the altima coupe with xtronic cvt fuel estimate is 23/31. The engine is the same and the coupe is smaller and lighter. And at the dealerships, they have the fuel estimate at 21/26. Whats going on?
For the 2007 2.5S with automatic transmission, the EPA fuel estimate is 26/34. However, the altima coupe 2.5S with xtronic cvt fuel estimate is 23/31. The engine is the same and the coupe is smaller and lighter. And at the dealerships, they have the fuel estimate at 21/26. Whats going on?

A: The estimate formulas have recently changed to a new standard that gives a lower reading. Search for more information on it.

Q: How to permanently disable the nissan altima 2006 inmobilizer system?
I Just brought a Nissan Altima 2006 with 50k miles, drive it the first day and behave just like new. The second day It didn’t start, i got only one key. I assumed the key is not working well, so it activates the inmobilization system that prevents the car to start. I wish somebody knows how to deactivate this system, so I get rid of the problem forever.

A: Sorry but you can’t. Get a new key that works properly.

Q: Is it worth the money to keep a 2002 Nissan Altima body and change the engine and transmisson?
I want to buy a used Nissan Altima 2002 which has over 150,000 miles. Then I’ll change the engine and transmission to make it newer. Is it worth the money and time to change the engine and transmission? Or I should just buy a new or used Altima without doing any mechanic work?

A: You sounds like you want to give yourself a headache. Me, I might replace my wifes corolla’s engine and because I have to and not because I want to. It has 150,000 miles too and I feel it start to burn oil. The car is still under observation. If it fails the smog. That is the time I will fixed the problem. If you really like the body of Altima then go ahead. But that is a lot of money. I will give you this website to get a good deal. good luck.

Q: Where can i send a 1999 Nissan Altima for servicing?
A friend of mine has just bought a used 1999 Nissan altima with 120,000 miles on it. What kind of servicing needs to be done for this car? What kind of a place would handle that?

A: Did it come with reccords, or has it been maintained properly.
It should already of had timming belt, trans flush, and radiator flush. If you can get it on a lift and see how the cv joints and the trans axel boots look(check for holes in the boot)Check the filters and simple things help too. Chances are if it was taken care of it should be in pretty good shape. Hopefully it wasnt a northern vehicle(salt sucks)

Q: What is the best sub and audio system you recomended for a nissan altima 2002?
I just got a nissan altima 2002 and i want to install an audio system,a sub, and speaker that i could blast my music?
What is you guys best advices for me?

A: for real “sound” advice.

Your system won’t mean squat without a well designed box to put your subs in. Some manufacturers have recommendations as to dimensions of various types of boxes. It is best to find someone who builds boxes if you go with something other than a sealed box.

You should always match up RMS (Root Mean Square) watts of Subs and amp per channel as well as impedance’s(resistances).

If your amp is rated at 4? don’t subject it to 2?, it will fry.

Here is the formula for subs in parallel:

Z = 1 / (1/sub1 + 1/sub2 + 1/sub3 + ….)

For series, just add them up (sub1 + sub2 + …).

You can mix and match these equations to get the right impedance required by your amp.

Example: 4 subs @ 4? each. If I connect two in parallel and the other two in parallel and tie the two pairs in series, I would have a total impedance(resistance) of 4?. So to the amp, it’s just one sub.

You should use a capacitor as well.

Recommend for every 500 watts MAX you use a .5 Farad cap
Example: 1000 watts MAX – 1 Farad cap

Try you can find some really good deals, and this site is manufacturer certified. VERY IMPORTANT WHEN SHOPPING ON-LINE!!!

You will also need what’s called a “line level converter” if your stock head unit doesn’t have RCA outputs or your amp doesn’t have high-level inputs.

If you like I can send you some plans for reference. My plans are for a 4-th order band pass bass box that holds two 12’s. Also included are java calculators you can use to figure parallel and series values given ? values.
Just e-mail me

My system

Blaupunkt TSw1200 subs with a Sony Xpl?d XM2200GTX.
My amp is 1200 watts, subs are 600 watts each, cap is 1.2 Farad

SPL is about 112 db

Total cost(so far) = $410

Q: How much should i pay for a used altima coupe?
I found a used 2008 altima coupe at a local dealer. It has 14000 miles on it but they want me to pay only 1000 under MSRP. Im not sure if that is a fair deal. It is fully loaded with navigation and leather. Does anyone have any experience with a similar situation or suggestions for what i should offer to pay for it?

A: If I were you I’d try to see how much I can get a brand new 2008 coupe for. If you can get it for about the same price that they are offering, then you’ll know your answer . . .

Q: What are the measurements of a 1994 Nissan Altima car bra?
I need to know if im about to order the right size, because it doesn’t say if its an altima or not.

A: 34 A. Seriously though, if you are ordering the bra online then make sure it lists your car. Make, model and year. If it doesn’t then don’t order it. If you are getting it from a local store you have a little more flexibility if they will allow returns. Keep your receipt.

Q: How to swap the computer from a 2005 Altima?
I need to swap the computer out of my 2005 Altima. 4 Cyl 2.5L Automatic. Got a new one. The numbers match. I disconnected the car battery. Do I just unplug the old computer and plug in the new computer? Or is there more to it?? I don’t have those fancy keys.

A: the keys have to be programed to that specific ECM,,, when you change computers it will have to be reprogrammed,, call nissan service and ask

Q: How much would a factory installed 2009 Nissan Altima radio be priced at?
I’ve been looking around for a good base car and have decided on the Nissan Altima. The only thing is, the base doesn’t come with a radio. I’d like to get a radio from the dealership without upgrading from a 2.5 to a 2.5 S, so does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to have the radio installed on the new car at purchase?

Thanks :)

A: To much go aftermarket you will get more bang for buck

Q: Why does my Altima have sluggish acceleration?
I have a 99 Altima and at speeds over 30 mph the acceleration is fine, however at lower speeds it is less responsive. Acceleration from a dead stop is also fine, but if I really push down on the gas and try to speed up from say 5 or10 mph (or after crawling through a stop sign) the car seems to bog down and accelerate very slowly for about 5 seconds at around 2500 rpm and will then jump to 4500 rpm if I don’t let off the gas. After the rpm jump the car accelerates just fine, but I do not like to race my engine like this and have to ease up on the gas. I would like it to run much smoother. The car idles just fine, frequent oil changes, new transmission fluid, new spark plugs. Only thing that is old are the spark plug wires and the fuel filter, could these be the problem? I appreciate any feedback!

A: I have a wild guess….
Your front brake pads are not releasing the brake disc immediately. Your brake calipers’ pistons are not sliding back into their cylinders 1/64 of an inch each time.???

Jack up one wheel and spin the tire with one hand. Have a friend put ON the brakes. Release the foot pedal, and you should be able to turn the tire again FREELY with one finger. No? Your brake pads are still being squeezed onto the disc.
You have Reduced acceleration until motion forces the cylinders back in place, or wears the pads down a fraction.

Q: Are Altima really good vehicles for the long haul?
Thinking about getting a Altima that has 112,000 miles on it. Is it a good car to have high miles like a Toyota and Honda? How many years do you think I can get with a altima with all these miles?

A: yes nissan’s do last a VERY long time and last long well.

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